Allison Bickford


I am a multi-sport elite athlete, playing both hockey and soccer. During the 22-23 year, I was chosen as Captain of OHA U22 - Juniors in the OWHL. During the summer break, I am goaltender of the U17AAA UDFC Female Soccer. For the upcoming 23-24 year, I will be playing as part of the OHA U22 - Tardiff team in the OWHL.

Education is important to me and I have a 3.8 GPA from grade 11. It is my goal to pursue the field of Sports Medicine in University.
Personal profile
Halifax, NS, Canada
November 3, 2006
Height: 5' 7
Weight: 144 lbs
Student profile
High School Graduation: 2024
GPA: 3.80
Athletic profile
Current Team: PIP 585 Showcase 2023 Team Teal
Level: 2006 Youth AAA
Jersey: #14
Additional profile
Citizenship: Canada
Languages: English
Other Sports: Soccer
Hobbies & Interests: Following F1 races, working out, baking and surfing.
Awards: Top Female Athlete - Jr & Sr High - East Coast Varsity June 2021.


Jun 2023 - Present
PIP 585 Showcase 2023 Team Teal - 2006 Youth AAA
Player - Wing- Jersey: #14
  • Team for Upcoming 2023-24 Season at Ontario Hockey Academy:
  • U22 Tardiff in the OWHL.
  • Coach of this team: Kayla Lascelle.